Unique Venue -for small size group-

Two ski jump hills held in Winter Olympic games

Arranging theme party at a facility used for Olympic game. Please enjoy reception with spectacular view all to yourself in summer & winter.
Ski jump demonstration by professional players is possible.

  • ※For 50〜200 participants

ski jump hills

ski jump hills

Reserve slope at ski resort for you

Variety of activities are available both in summer & winter!
Just 30 min. drive from city center.

  • ※For 50〜200 participants

Full dinner @ Grass Pyramid

Enjoy your party with exquisite dinner & wine at a facility designed by a world-famous sculptor.

  • ※For 30〜50 participants

Grass Pyramid

Reception with fabulous night view in Sapporo

Reception room in the 2nd floor of TV Tower has a wonderful view.
You can enjoy a picturesque ski jump hill in Okurayama in the front.

  • ※For 100〜200 participants

TV Tower

TV Tower

Unique Venue -for large scale group-

Three major dome stadiums in Sapporo

You are able to have an event in any seasons at these all-weather stadiums.
It’s suitable for sports, concerts and large-scale gala dinner.

  • ※For 500〜2,000 participants

Sapporo dome



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